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Forging furnaces

Our forging furnaces are mainly dedicated to the heating process of ferrous alloys, heat-resistant super alloys, titanium alloys used in the aeronautics sector and specific alloys, used by the nuclear industry, that are transformed afterwards to their finished or semi-finished form by a press system.

For instance, we use these furnaces for manufacturing the turbines blades of a reactor or reactor parts under the form of finished or semi-finished products. The products that we treat can go from a few kilograms to several tons.

Depending on our client’s environment and constraints, different types of furnaces can be provided:

  • Fixed hearth furnaces, composed of a casing and a fixed heat insulation where the loading is done via a front guillotine door.
  • Rotary hearth furnaces, with a configuration that adapts to the needs
  • Mobile hearth furnaces


The heat equipment of these forging furnaces is electric, ensuring lower carbon footprint compared to gas heated furnaces.

The forging furnaces usually work with temperatures between 1100°C and 1250°C, and even more. Furthermore, our ovens are built in a way that meets the highest standards and norms of the aeronautics industry such as ROLLS ROYCE, GENERAL ELECTRIC and AMS 2750 …

As a result, thanks to their design and the Excellency of their heat distribution, the forging furnaces meet a strict homogeneity for the “static” production cycles as well as for the “dynamic” cycles unloading phases.

And we are proud that, today, our know-how makes us one of the best furnace provider for this kind of operations.

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