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Processing lines for surface treatment

Cementation and carbonitriding lines

Mainly used in large scale factories producing mechanical pieces, cementation and carbonitriding lines are usually composed of:

  • 1 pre-washing machine, if necessary
  • 1 pre-oxidation or preheating furnace
  • 1 thermochemical treatment furnace (type: pusher furnace)
  • 1 diffusion furnace
  • 1 quenching oil tray or another specific quenching system
  • 1 washing machine, if necessary
  • 1 tempering furnace
  • 1 cooling cell
  • The conveyors and the load handling shuttles

The processing lines layout may vary a lot depending on the selected installation.

The aim of the process is to ensure the proper thermochemical diffusion of the carbon and the azote into the surface layer of the pieces to treat in order to modify their original features.

Thanks to its calculators, Serthel Industry totally controls the level of carbon potentially required and all the other production settings to guarantee the optimum continuity of the production process.

For low production processes or punctual loads, the thermochemical treatment can also be realized in Batch-type furnaces.

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Whose business lies essentially in the transformation of heating equipment and the ...

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